Doing business in Russia: opportunities and challenges – 15.06.2021

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Planning to do business in Russia? Though Russia is a complex country to do business in – it is the largest country in the world with enormous natural and human resources. Russia has massive infrastructural needs in numerous sectors, making it a very attractive export market. Whether it’s in the oil and gas sector or in its growing IT, scientific, and pharmaceutical sectors, there is significant growth across Russia that european businesses can exploit. Together with our cooperation law firm "Brand & Partner" in Moscow we are pleased to welcome you to our webinar on

"Doing business in Russia: opportunities and challenges."

This webinar is aimed to help companies interested in exporting to Russia to get practical advice on how overcome (legal and taxation) complexities of the market and to better exploit the market opportunities.

Highlights of the webinar include:

  • Market overview / Routes to market
  • Corporate / M&A - Promoting a foreign investment in Russia
  • Taxation and accounting environment
  • Business culture
  • Q&A

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