Innovations are among the decisive drivers for growth and business success. But how can you protect and use innovations in the long term? And do so in an environment of increasing competition, globalisation and rapid technological development? Piracy copies and counterfeits cause substantial economic damage worldwide. Data protection and data security are increasingly coming under the spotlight of the supervisory authorities and harbour considerable liability risk. The protection and defence of intellectual property (IP) and the safe organisation of information technologies (IT) have become a vital part of companies' risk management. We deal with the protection and usage of your rights and technologies and their defence in court. So that your innovations are safe.

We advise you on the registration and defence of your intellectual property rights and thus ensure your company's growth. Our activities encompass also the civil enforcement of rights with temporary injunctions and petition proceedings. We advise and represent you in connection with claims that third parties file against you.

In IT law, we formulate legally sound software development and licence agreements.