Individual Clients

Our law firm in Bulgaria offers private clients legal assistance in all important areas of law.

Many relations in the private sector can be regulated by means of legal structuring, original formulations and professional legal solutions in the desired direction. Often the facts are very complex and include legal areas such as family and inheritance law, citizenship and residence, employment law, consumer protection, enforcement procedures, taxation, public social and health insurance, real estate law and many more.

We advise our private clients on matters of commercial law, intellectual property, law of the European Union and international law, and support them in procedures for the recognition and enforcement of judgments of foreign courts and arbitrators. Our Bulgarian lawyers represent you before all state institutions and municipality departments, before your contract partners and in judicial and arbitration proceedings. You can contact our lawyers in Sofia and Varna in all matters of private law.

Family and Inheritance law

Our law office advises many Bulgarian and foreign private clients on questions of family and inheritance law through our experienced lawyers in Sofia and Varna.

There are situations that can have a lasting effect on your private relationships or your assets as well as on your business. For this reason, the issues connected with family and inheritance law should not be neglected, but discussed in good time with a specialist. The family counseling, which takes into account the future development of the circumstances, forms the basis on which you can make your personal decisions through our support. We assist you with the issuing of power of attorney documents, contracts and notarial agreements and advise you on property relations in marriage as well as in divorce or adoption procedures, with regard to regulations in the area of parental laws and real estate transactions (in the case of judicial or extrajudicial division of property, notarial contracts for the purchase of real estate or of limited property rights, the timely registration of persons and transactions with the tax office, the local government authorities or with the municipality, with the Bulgarian BULSTAT register, etc.), the preparation of wills etc. In the case of enforcement procedure, we represent you before bailiffs, banks and state administration and defend your interests in administrative procedures and in litigations of all kinds, including procedures for the recognition and enforcement of court judgments of foreign state courts and arbitral tribunals. Focus areas of our activities: - drafting of marriage contracts;- legal advice on marriage property issues;- representation in legal proceedings for the division of co-ownership among heirs;- legal analysis of heritage and of inheritance issues;- drafting for extrajudicial settlements among heirs.

Citizenship and residence permits Bulgaria

Our law office can advise you on questions of citizenship and residence in Bulgaria. When moving to Bulgaria or from Bulgaria to another country, many issues arise with regard to the rights and obligations that must be observed, including such ruling the economic or professional activity. We provide legal assistance to Bulgarian nationals moving abroad as well as to foreign nationals who plan to settle in Bulgaria. In order to adapt unprblematic and quickly to the conditions in Bulgaria, the knowledge of the legal requirements and possibilities would be very useful for you.

The lawyers in Sofia and Varna shall support you in questions of long-term and permanent residence in Bulgaria, in application procedures for Bulgarian citizenship and with visa requirements. Upon starting employment in Bulgaria, we would be happy to advise you on contractual and employment regulations, including the framework conditions for obtaining work permits, disputes with employers and termination of employment contracts. In addition, we are at your disposal for any questions concerning posting of workers to and from Bulgaria and the related social security and taxation issues. We will also support you in legal proceedings against administrative acts as well as against enforcement measures.

During your stay in Bulgaria, we will also support you with respect to your investment plans. An important part of your branch in Bulgaria are also legally supporting your investment plans. All the more important are these plans if you want to acquire Bulgarian citizenship through investments. We will discuss with you the relevant requirements and aspects in order to find a suitable construction for the realization of the project as a prerequisite for the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship.

Our experienced lawyers in Sofia and Varna, together with the specialized lawyers in the international offices of Schindhelm Alliance, can assist you in all matters of stay and citizenship

Focus areas of our activity:

  • legal advice and assistance on visa, residence and settlement matters in Bulgaria;
  • support in negotiations for the conclusion of lease agreements, drafting of lease agreements and amendments thereto, representation in the compliance with administrative requirements;
  • legal advice and support in the execution of investments;
  • Legal advice on contracts and relationships with the employer, legal advice on social issues, taxation and conflict resolution;
  • support for obtaining work permits for third-country nationals in Bulgaria;
  • representation in case of compulsory administrative measures, appealing of administrative acts – including such of illegally imposed pecuniary penalties;
  • advice on issues related to posting of workers and secondment;

Consumer protection

We are all consumers. From the purchase of everyday food to the acquisition of entertainment and travel services, as well as communication services from mobile operators to the purchase of electrical appliances and special equipment.

If you believe that your rights are impaired as a consumer, or that the dealer has not made the necessary information available to you or if you believe that he has misled you in respect of the essential characteristics of the goods and services supplied, or that he does not comply with the warranty conditions for the product or is applying inappropriate sales methods, the team of our law office in Bulgaria will assist you in the event of unlawful acts in the online trade, for the purpose of submitting complaints, consumer complaints and signals, or negotiating agreements and suggestions from the consumer organizations and in all other cases where your interests have been impaired, we will legally support and represent you.

Our lawyers will inform you of your rights and will defend your interests against unfair contract clauses and unlawful sanctions. We will support and represent you for settling of conflicts in order to reach a reasonable solution or compensation. Furthermore we will represent you before the Consumer Protection Commission in Sofia.

Focus areas of our activity:

  • Representation before the Consumer Protection Commission;
  • Compilation of complaints and communications;
  • Legal advice on consumer rights;
  • Representation in consumer protection and compensation proceedings, as well as in court and arbitration proceedings in the field of consumer protection.