Contract Management

The contract in writing or as an oral agreement represents the basis for the business relationships, and not infrequently, for the private sector.

Our Bulgarian lawyers in Sofia and Varna are specialized on the provision of legal services in the area of ​​contract law. We practice a cross-disciplinary approach and shall proactively consider the foreseeable effects (financial or fiscal, licensing, competition, etc.), as well as the foreseeable future developments.In collaboration with our colleagues in the Schindhelm Alliance, we can also consider the cross-border aspects of the international agreements. We will also support you in contractual negotiations, contractual performance and termination, as well as in the transfer of contractual rights and obligations, and together with you, we will formulate an appropriate strategy in cases of failure to execute the contract by either party, contract termination, delayed performance and similar.

The competencies of our law office in the area of ​​contract law include both the most common contract types from the everyday life of every business (leasing contracts, preliminary contracts, notarial transactions and transactions for the transfer of title, purchase contracts, loan agreements, joint venture agreements or those establishing a (GbR), employment contracts and employment agreements, supply contracts, contracts for the benefit of third parties, mortgages and pledges, special pledges, debt assumption) and various specific transactions (share deals – SPA and asset deals, construction contracts, agreements on intellectual property rights, trademark licensing agreements, know-how agreements, marriage agreements, factoring and franchising agreements, transfer of rights and obligations, transfer of receivables) and many others.

Our experienced attorneys will assist you with the conclusion of complementary agreements between shareholders in the area of ​​corporate law, so that you can regulate specific preferential rights or set rules which differ significantly from the standard conditions set out in the applicable law.


The compensation is meant to restore the balance and cover any material or immaterial damages. The elements of a claim as well as the conditions to claim damages must be carefully examined in each individual case.

Under the contractual relations some damages can already be foreseen in the phase of negotiations for the conclusion of the contract. On the other hand, tort claims for damages can only be determined after the occurrence of the damaging event.The Bulgarian High Court of Justice has recognized in its recent jurisprudence (Interpretation decision No 4 of 29.01.2013 in Interpretation case No 4/2012) that non-material damages must be an integral part of not only the tortious but also the contractual liability.

In the case of damage resulting from non-performance or delayed performance of obligations by the state or municipal administration or by the courts, the State Liability for Damages Act provides for special rules with regard to the compensation of the affected persons - both legal or natural persons.

Bulgarian law contains fixed criteria for the compensation of damages resulting from tortious acts. Also here our experienced attorneys will conduct a careful analysis of the facts in your specific case and will support you in order to optimally defend your interests.

We advise you according to Bulgarian law in determining the approximate amount of the damages incurred, in determining the applicable law in international matters, in actions relating to insurance relations, as well with regard to the conditions for actions for recovery, and shall represent you in negotiations and legal proceedings as well as in the formulation of settlement agreements.

Focus areas of our activity:

  • providing legal advice on filtering out the elements of a claim and determining the amount of the claim;
  • determining the applicable law;
  • representation in court and arbitration proceedings with subject matter in the area of compensations;
  • Assistance in contract compensation and in tort cases;
  • support in negotiations for damages;
  • -rafting of and advice on settlement agreements.

Insurance law

In the field of insurance law, many different insurance products are offered in Bulgaria for the private sector, as well as for the business. Legal-expenses insurance is still not adequately represented.You can rely on the competent legal support of our attorneys for all questions concerning insurance contracts, conclusion of insurance contracts and for business relationships in which insurance companies are concluded/used, as well as for the claim settlement towards insurers or third parties.In some cases, the insurer who has compensated his client or a third party may initiate actions for recovery against the person who caused the damage. In the case of cross-border legal matters, it is important to first correctly determine the applicable law and develop a strategy. Our Bulgarian lawyers in Sofia and Varna have rich experience in the area of ​​insurance law and can provide competent support in your cross-border cases.

Whether you are an individual client or you represent a company, or act as an insurer, you can rely on our specialized attorneys for the success of your case both for determining the approximate value of damages and for determining the applicable law, for the general assessment of the facts and of the legal conditions, as well as for the representation in Bulgaria in all related proceedings.

Focus areas of our activity:

  • Legal advice to insurance companies;
  • carrying out recourse claims of the insurer;
  • representation in court and arbitration proceedings in insurance matters;
  • assistance to companies and private customers in asserting their claims with the insurer (direct actions for damages or notification of claims);
  • drafting of and legal advice on settlement agreements.